Was a lad (easy). Now a dad to Daisy & Seth (less easy).


The Night Before School Starts

Clothes out,
Bags ready,
Kiss their forehead,
Keep hand steady.

Give the pep talk,
“First days are great”,
Tuck them up,
“You can’t be late”.

“One more book?”
You know they’re stalling,
Cos when they wake up,
The ball is rolling.

How will it go?
Will teacher be kind?
There’s so many things,
Running through their mind.

Just one more sleep,
New class awaits,
New faces, new friends,
Behind those big gates.

But you’ll never show,
You’re nervous as well,
This isn’t about YOU,
It’s their story to tell.

And know when they wave,
As they’re saying goodbye,
That it WON’T be a tear…
Just some dust in your eye!