Was a lad (easy). Now a dad to Daisy & Seth (less easy).


Please Don’t Call Me Dad

Hey kids,
There something on my mind,
That’s got me fairly irked,
This new thing that you’re calling me,
It needs to be reworked.
You’ve now replaced my favourite word,
No longer saying ‘DADDY’,
I wish you hadn’t made this change,
It’s put me in a paddy.
I don’t know what has caused it and I’m certainly not glad.
So kids if it’s ok with you,
Please don’t call me DAD.

You see,
There’s something special,
With the way it was before.
You’d greet me with a ‘DAAAADDDDDYYYYYY’
When I came home through the door.
You’d fling your arms out, hug me tight
Your bright eyes fixed on mine.
But now it feels so formal,
And although I shouldn’t whine,
It’s like you’ve lost that childishness, an innocence you had.
So kids it’s one request I have,
Please don’t call me DAD.

For now,
I’d much prefer it,
If ‘DADDY’ can prevail.
At least until your adulthood,
And then you can unveil,
Whichever term you wish to use,
I swear I won’t object.
Even if you use my first name,
I’ll stand back and respect.
It’s not that you’ve been naughty, or set out to make me mad.
But kids it makes me feel so old,
Please don’t call me DAD.

I guess,
(If I’m being honest),
That the reason it’s not right,
Is how it makes you sound grown up,
It’s giving me a fright!
I much prefer you staying small,
And though it has to change,
It’s simply coming far too soon,
It all feels rather strange.
So whilst there’s lots I can’t control, let’s stamp out this new fad.
The one thing that I ask from you,
PLEASE don’t call me DAD.

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