Was a lad (easy). Now a dad to Daisy & Seth (less easy).


One Week

Seven days ago, my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughter (and third child), Honey. In between the nappy changes, night feeds and hourly attempts to simply keep my eyes open, I’ve written a little poem – ‘One Week’ – which I hope you may be able to relate to.

So sweet,
With curled-up crinkly feet
All snuggled in a little ball,
There’s nothing to compete.

Small face,
It’s ace,
Just staring into space,
And though she hardly makes yours out,
You smile back just in case.

With eyes,
The size,
Of planets in the skies,
One glance and you’re intoxicated,
How they mesmerize.

That cry,
Oh my,
She makes it amplify.
How can you fix her straight away,
Perhaps a lullaby?

At night,
The fact there’s no daylight,
Those moments in the dark you share,
Can still be pure delight.

Her sound,
With snuffles that astound,
The slightest little cough or splutter
Makes you turn around.

And though,
You know,
She’ll only grow and grow,
Right now she’s wrapped up in your arms
With nowhere else to go.

One week.
One week?
A feeling so unique.
She’s closed her eyes, I’ll lay her down
And kiss her on the cheek.

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