Was a lad (easy). Now a dad to Daisy & Seth (less easy).

Dads To Be; Some Advice!


A pregnant woman, you should be aware,
Is a delicate species; so approach her with care.
For one bad move, or a word that is wrong,
And just like that, you might not get along.

Watch out for her questions that are actually a trick,
For however you answer, she will give you some stick.
One in particular, ‘how big is my bump?’
Will most likely end, with her getting the hump.

The bed is now hers, your side is fair game,
You’ll be squished on the edge, clinging to the bed frame.
She’ll be wriggling around, there may be snoring too,
But DON’T EVER tell her, just try to sleep through.

And don’t answer back, that’s just not very clever,
Start smiling and nodding, (at least try to endeavour).
For something bizarre that will come into season,
She might want to argue, for no actual reason.

A pregnant woman, without any warning,
Might get very sad, in the evening or morning.
And the cause of this outburst, it’s not always clear,
Just be there for a hug, and to wipe back the tears.

As for the cravings, some may well be strange,
But whatever’s requested, it’s for you to arrange.
If it’s chocolate she’s after, don’t get one single bar,
Head straight down to the shop and fill up your whole car.

She may be hormonal, irrational (at times!),
But in her defence, these are hardly big crimes
When her tummy is growing, her feet are so sore,
And the prospect of childbirth, is waiting in store.

So before you consider it, don’t think to complain,
Cos this whole childbirth lark, looks a bit of a strain.
Keep smiling, be understanding and try help her through,
And be thankful you’ll never have to get pregnant too.

R x


Author: lad2dad

Dad to Daisy (aged 5) and Seth (aged 3) & Honey (aged hardly anything at all). And I chat on the radio for a living.

9 thoughts on “Dads To Be; Some Advice!

  1. That’s lovely Rich! & very true! 😂

  2. That’s perfect Rich. Didn’t know you can rhyme to..👍🏻😊

  3. Amazing! So funny and hubby agrees with every word😂

  4. Bless your heart Rich. Nay is a lucky lady, just wish my other half had been quite as understanding when I was pregnant….!! Xx

  5. Hahahaha what a belter this is!! Very impressed! Can’t wait to read the one you write about childbirth…..After what I witnessed in the delivery suite last week at work I imagine it’ll not be given a PG rating haha xx

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