Was a lad (easy). Now a dad to Daisy & Seth (less easy).

Hey Kids! A School Holiday Apology


An open letter to my kids…

Hey Kids! You must be sick of me?
Four weeks down but two to go,
Another day stuck with your dad,
That’s twenty-eight in a row.

Not that I’m counting, it’s been great
Being with you is a blast,
Though if we’re honest, you and me,
How much longer can this last?

I’m used to spending time with you,
A few hours, here and there.
But summer, wow, it’s been intense,
So now I’d like to share….

A few things, if that’s cool with you?
I want to be upfront,
I’ll try to just be honest,
And be reasonable, not blunt.

I’m done! That’s right, I’ve hit a wall,
Four weeks has felt an age,
I love you, yes, of course I do,
But we’re in a tricky stage.

I’ve now run out of things to do,
My idea well has run dry,
When you ask me what tomorrow will bring,
I inhale a fairly large sigh.

Seriously, have you ever thought,
How much energy it takes,
To fill up just ONE day for you?
It’s tough, for goodness sakes.

We’ve done the park, we’ve fed the ducks,
You’ve swung on every swing.
There isn’t a slide within 10 miles,
On which you haven’t done your thing.

We’ve baked, we’ve bowled, we’ve scooted, we’ve strolled,
We’ve painted on paper and clay,
We’ve read some books, pretended to be cooks,
We’ve been to many a soft play.

And when you wake up every day,
Saying “daddy, what can we do?”
I’d guess that nine times out of ten,
I genuinely haven’t a clue.

I’ve even made a game of things,
Like getting petrol for the car,
Or pretending that it’s really fun,
To get some shopping from the Spar.

I pray each day the sun will shine,
I shudder if the forecast is rain,
Cos trust me, I don’t feel so great,
Putting you in front of the TV again.

But – obviously – the big moments,
That I’ll keep with me always,
Are watching how you’ve grown up,
And how you brightened up my days.

The fact that you put up with me,
The smiles you always beam,
The laughing, playing eye-spy,
And devouring of ice-cream.

The way you’ve shot up, so so much,
You are different day-to-day,
The way that you’ve grown closer,
And how together, you now play.

So I hope that you’ve enjoyed it too,
There’s still two weeks to go,
I’ll do my best to keep it fun,
Just wanted you to know.

And if at times, it’s boring,
Or I come across quite stressed.
I promise you with all my heart,
That I’m just trying my best.

Dad. 🙂





Author: lad2dad

Dad to Daisy (aged 5) and Seth (aged 3) & Honey (aged hardly anything at all). And I chat on the radio for a living.

7 thoughts on “Hey Kids! A School Holiday Apology

  1. Oh Rich that’s truly lovely, you need to print that for them to keep!
    I was expecting an embarrassing yet hilarious story but this has put a huge smile on my face! It’s brilliant! 🙂

  2. That’s lovely look forward to hearing about your blogs makes me smile 😀😀 x

  3. Well this has made me all emotional! Time goes so fast doesn’t it.. I have a memory box which I write stuff down & put in when she says/does funny/lovely stuff otherwise I forget too quickly. Soppy sods aren’t we!

    Ali (Lucia’s mummy!)

  4. Good Morning Rich

    What a great blog you have here a very good read I am glad I have found it.

    Would you be interested in reviewing some attractions for us in exchange for free entry? I am wanting to get more Dad blog reviews and create a Yorkshire Dad blog family, are you interested in this too?


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