Was a lad (easy). Now a dad to Daisy & Seth (less easy).

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Peppa-aaaaargh Pig

Let’s play a hypothetical game.

Child ‘X’ is sat in the middle of the room. On one wall is a big picture of its mummy and daddy; on the other wall is a Peppa Pig poster.

The child can only go to one side of the room. Which will he/she choose?

Not sure about you but whilst I’d like to think that my 16-month-old Seth would toddle over in our direction, it wouldn’t at all surprise me if he squealed his way towards the precocious pink princess who is quickly becoming the bane of my life!

‘Do, Do Do, Do Do… Do Do Do Do, Do, Do’. I can’t get the bloody theme tune out of my head some days and have even found myself whistling it through the frozen veg aisle at Tesco*.

People must think I’m mad.

Now I don’t have a problem with the kids watching some TV but the stranglehold that Peppa seems to have over them is a bit overwhelming.

Seth’s first proper word was ‘Daisy’, his sister’s name.

The second word? ‘Peppa’.

When we ask him ‘what noise does a cow make’, he responds with a snort.

His obsession has become so great that I’m starting to think that this animated piglet is my son’s first crush as he is showing all the signs of true love. He wakes up thinking about her, constantly asks to see her, often tries to kiss her and is at his happiest around her.

My 3-year-old Daisy is also a big fan to the point where she spent a good few weeks thinking my name was Daddy Pig and not simply Daddy.

And does this conversation sound familiar?

Daisy: Please can I jump in the muddy puddles?

Me: No sweetheart, you’re in your nice shoes and they’ll get ruined.

Daisy: But I want to jump in muddy puddles (foot stamp a la Peppa Pig herself).

Me: Daisy, I’m not going to tell you again.


That’s the thing about Peppa. She is, essentially, a bit of a spoilt brat who answers back and bosses adults and other kids around and that can sometimes translate into Daisy’s behaviour.

Should I be worried?

Probably not.

Seth is unlikely to still be in love with Peppa Pig at the age of 20 (although I’m only 99% certain about this!) and I don’t really care if Daisy wants to jump in muddy puddles. I’m actually more scared of my wife bollocking me for getting her shoes dirty.

#ladtodad lesson ‘Do, Do Do, Do Do… Do Do Do Do, Do, Do’. Sorry, I got distracted.

*Apologies if you are now singing/whistling/humming the theme tune.