Was a lad (easy). Now a dad to Daisy & Seth (less easy).

From Beers To Tears.

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The Whatsapp group appeared on my phone. The message I had been waiting for. The message that (if I’m being 100% honest) I was slightly dreading.

The group was entitled Boys Night Out.

“Come on Rich”, goaded my friends, many of whom don’t have kids. In my head I could visualise 10 lads surrounding me chanting “chug, chug, chug” as I necked back shots of tequila.

These days, if I go out for a drink it’s normally just a pint…

Of shandy.*

That aside, I wasn’t going to let being out of practice come between me and a good night out with my mates who, inevitably, I see less than I used to.

The night started at my pal Darren’s house with a good old fashioned game of Beer Pong (Google it if you want the rules) followed swiftly by a taxi into town and a couple of bars. All was fine until this text exchange with my wife at 1.15am:

Boys night out

I knew that Seth hadn’t been feeling 100% before I went out but it turned out that his teething led to me leaving. Strangely, it didn’t even cross my mind to stay out. Something, somewhere inside me was saying GO HOME. Your son comes first. I don’t think that emotion existed in me before being a dad!

Fortunately my friends were too intoxicated to realise so I managed to avoid the barrage of abuse that would have been heading my way for leaving early! Now they have read this, I fully expect to be receiving a new Whatsapp group: Rich Is Pathetic.

#ladtodad lesson ‘bros before hoes’ has now been replaced with ‘son before fun’.

*I‘m hoping we can keep this just between us. Thanks.


Author: lad2dad

Dad to Daisy (aged 5) and Seth (aged 3) & Honey (aged hardly anything at all). And I chat on the radio for a living.

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